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My Mother’s Dishes

My Mother grew up during the depression, it was a time of make do, redo, or do without. As a result we had a button box, a box with used zippers and snaps, old material taken from worn out clothes that was used for patching, a rag bag, etc. I wore my clothes until they…

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Layer Cake Fillings Are The Best Part

When I think of a Layer Cake, I break it down into two parts: the cake; which should be moist and firm enough to stand up to the fillings, because the fillings, which can be the same as the frosting, or can be different on each layer, are typically heavier than the cake itself. Now…

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Ichiro, Bingo, Pickles and Balls, Oh My!

Ichiro is back! That is music to the ear of every Mariner’s Fan! For quite some time BJ’s Bingo has offered a Pickle Ball purchasing option for $2. What, You ask is a Pickle Ball? It is a chance to win $500 extra on every game starting after the Early Bird! Which means there are…

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