Speed Bingo

Interested in a fast paced game? Check out Speed Bingo. Played with gaming chips and 3 or 5 number cards. This is drop in play bingo… Walk in anytime and play!! Our friendly, efficient Speed Bingo staff will be happy to show you the ropes. WALK IN AND PLAY!!

Come in and enjoy the quick, fun and easy game of Speed Bingo. There is an in-house winner every game. You don't want to miss out on our hot monthly specials PLUS frequent player points are given. The odds are fantastic with 5 different jackpots to win including our Money Wheel!!

Speed bingo is a type of bingo that moves much, much faster than the traditional bingo game. Numbers are called very quickly, and players can bingo after as few as three numbers.

Come enjoy one of the world's most popular bingo varieties!

Sandra Won $239,000 on the Hit 5 Jackpot

Speed Bingo Hours

  Mon, Wed & Fri
  Open at 5 PM
  Tue, Thu, Sat & Sun
  Open at 2 PM