Master the bingo lingo

9 On:

'9 On' means that a bingo sheet contains 9 cards. A '6 On' means that a bingo sheet contains 6 cards.

Bingo Card:

A card containing 24 numbers and a 'Free Space' arranged in a 5x5 square. At the top of each column is the appropriate letter, spelling B I N G O.


Four Five Six is our Early bird game (First Game Played). To WIN the game you must catch a Block of 4 on the top card, A straight line of 5 on the middle card AND a block of 6 on the bottom square. You need all 3 parts to WIN and you may use your FREE space on all 3 parts.


The first 45 numbers of the Bonanza Blackout are called and posted at the start of the session. Buy Bonanza's throughout the session to get as close as you can to a blackout. Additional numbers will be called later in the session until their is a winner.


An electronic sign displayed in a bingo hall or on your player unit that is used to show which numbers have been called.

Lucky 8 and Lucky 7:

Players choose their own numbers by completing lottery style scan forms or just ask for computer pick at the buy-in window

Good Neighbor:

The player sitting to the left and the right of the winner will win the good neighbor prize on designated good neighbor games.


A tag-along is an extra card played along side your last blackout. Bingo on the Tag-along and WIN up to $32,000.


Games that may be included in your pack but are also sold extra. Also referred to as 'extras'.

Double Action:

Double action cards have two numbers in each square. 'Either number called, Mark the Square'

BJ's -60


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