Recent Bingo Winners

Quick Draw Winner!!

Ricardo won the Quick Draw Jackpot this morning good for $16,285!!! Congratulations Ricardo!!

1st Moonlight Bonus Ball Win of the New Year!

Jackie won the ML Bonus Ball taking home $1134!! Congratulations Jackie!

New Year, New Winner!

Happy New Year to Doug!! He won the AM 4-Corner Jackpot on January 2nd for $1256!! Congratulations Doug!!

Another Fireball!!

Marie was all smiles when she bingo’d on the PM Fireball the day after Christmas!! Congratulations Marie!!

Power Up+ Winner!!

 Betty won $5000 on the Power Up+ on January 2nd! She got 4 out of 5 power up numbers!!

Now That’s a LOT of Dollars!!

Tera won $11,562 on the AM 4-Corner Jackpot!!! Congratulations Tera!!!

What a Tag-A-Long

Lucky Marty!! On December 11th she bingo’d on the 50th number for the Tag-A-Long game good for $8000!!!!!

Fantastic Win!

Lewis had no problem sharing the AM Bonus Ball with Karen on December 5th. He was too excited that they both took home and extra $540 plus their bingo! Congratulations Lewis & Karen!!

Bonus Ball Winner!!

There was nothing but smiles and excitement on December 5th for Kathy when she bingo’d on the PM Bonus Ball good for $1855!! Congratulations Kathy!!

What a Winner!!

What a month for Karen!! She felt extra lucky when she split the AM Bonus Ball with Lewis on December 5th! They both took home $540 plus their bingos!!

Another Biggie Winner!!

Karen had a LOT of fun at BJ’s on December 2nd! She won $2000 on the Biggie Bonanza!!! Congratulations Karen!!

Never to late to Celebrate!!

Everett had a lot to celebrate about when he bingo’d on the 2nd Chance Fireball on December 2nd good for $1973!! Congratulations Everett!!

Fireball Split pt 2

Marie was stayed calm, while we were ecstatic, when she split the AM Fireball with Dan on December 13th! They both took home $1527!!

Fireball Split pt 1

Dan had a good win on December 13th when he split the AM Fireball with Marie! They both took home $1527!!

Biggie Winner!

Clayton won the Biggie Bonanza on December 4th for $4000! Congratulations Clayton!!

Fireball Winner!

James bingo’d last night for 1/2 of the PM Fireball for $1029 PLUS his bingo!! Congratulations James! 

Thema is on Fire with this win!

Great Win for Thema!! She won the 1st chance Fireball Jackpot good for $3,454


Hip hip hooray! Nancy won $3,000 on the 52nd # on the Biggie Bonanza on Nov 4th Congratulations Nancy!

Power Up, Pickle Ball & BINGO!

Jocelyn won $5000 on Power Up+ PLUS $167 on the pickle ball AND $334 on the bingo! 3 wins in one for $5501… Congratulations Jocelyn!! 

4-Corner Jackpot Winner!

Congratulations Jeanette on your BIG WIN on the PM 4-corners for $23,996!!