Recent Bingo Winners

$100,000 WINNER at BJ’s!!

Yesterday, one of our lucky players hit the Big Money Jackpot for $100,000!! The winner was a bit shy, but their best friend had plenty of excitement for them both! Congratulations!!

Big Texas Blackout Winner Yesterday!!

Our BIG TEXAS winner yesterday was Mahlealanie Who Took Home $10,000!! Way to Go!!

Clara Hits on PM Bonus Ball!!

Clara WON $1313. on the PM Bonus Ball Last Night! Congratulations Clara!

$100,000 Bingo Tournament Winners

These 2 Ladies, Stephanie and Melelita, are Our 2018 Bingo Tournament Champions. They Split $25,000! Congratulations!!

Very Big Winner on Lucky 7!!

Josie WON $61,829 on the Lucky 7 Game on Friday!! That will make for a nice weekend!! Congratulations!!

Big Pull Tab Winner!!!

Gordon WON $29,844 at the Pull Tab Counter Playing ‘Pain in the Gas’ on Jan. 19th!!  Way to go Gordon!!

Deborah Splits Moonlight FireBall!!

Deborah Split the 1st Chance Fireball and took home $660 plus $250 for the bingo! Congrats!!

Leneuoti WINS the WILL GO Bonanza!!

Leneuoti Won the Am Session Will Go Bonanza today for $13,897!!  Congrats Leneuoti!!

Stephanie is Having a Good Day!!…

Stephanie Hit the Tag-A-Long on the 51st # and taking home $4000!! Way to Go!!

Denelle is Sitting Pretty…

Denelle WON the Quickdraw Jackpot on the 4th number for $23,432!! Congratulations!!

Big Winner on the PM 4-Corners

Doug WON $6721 on the PM 4-Corners Jackpot.  Nice WIN Doug!

Phil’s Going to Disneyland!

Phil WON the PM Bonus Ball for $1959!! Congrats and Have Fun Phil!!

A Winner on Her Birthday!

Lillian WON the Fireball Jackpot for $1178 on a Level 3 Game Paying $1000 on Her Birthday! Happy Lucky Birthday Lillian!!

A Big Winner the Day Before Thanksgiving!

Wendy WON $32,000 on the 46th# on the Tag-a-Long on PM Session!! What an exciting start to her Turkey Day!!

Lucky Clover Bingo Gets Picked!

Sherry WON $2000 on BJ’s Lucky Clover Game! Just in time for the Holidays! Congrats!


Amber WON an Extra $1267 on the Bonus Ball AM Session on the Monday before Thanksgiving.  Enjoy the Holiday!!

Donne is a BIG WINNER PM Session

Donne WON $10,484 on the PM 4 Corners Jackpot 11/16!! Let the Christmas shopping begin! Congrats!

Janice Bingo’d on the Bonus Ball

Janice WON $810 when she bingo’d on the bonus ball on Game 17 during moonlight session. Congratulations!!

Fireball Goes on the PM Session

Sun WON the FireBall for $2100 on Nov. 11th Pm Session!! Way to Go Sun!!

Quickdraw Goes For $8546!!

Frank Won the Quickdraw AM Session for $8546!! Now what to do with all that money…More Bingo anyone??