May 18, 2018

What is in a pattern? It is a predictable form repeated. Bingo has patterns, many patterns. They are predictable forms that are repeated in varying shapes on games throughout a bingo session. Some bingo patterns are quick plays, needing only 4 or 5 numbers to accomplish the win. Some are designed for a lengthier play…

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My Mother’s Dishes

April 20, 2018

My Mother grew up during the depression, it was a time of make do, redo, or do without. As a result we had a button box, a box with used zippers and snaps, old material taken from worn out clothes that was used for patching, a rag bag, etc. I wore my clothes until they…

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Layer Cake Fillings Are The Best Part

April 16, 2018

When I think of a Layer Cake, I break it down into two parts: the cake; which should be moist and firm enough to stand up to the fillings, because the fillings, which can be the same as the frosting, or can be different on each layer, are typically heavier than the cake itself. Now…

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Ichiro, Bingo, Pickles and Balls, Oh My!

April 4, 2018

Ichiro is back! That is music to the ear of every Mariner’s Fan! For quite some time BJ’s Bingo has offered a Pickle Ball purchasing option for $2. What, You ask is a Pickle Ball? It is a chance to win $500 extra on every game starting after the Early Bird! Which means there are…

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BJ’s Has Done it Again!!

March 26, 2018

Think Money, think Lots of Money. Now think I can be a big winner! Think I can win up to $10,000 dollars on any regular bingo game at BJ’s Bingo on any regular session of the week! Yes, that is HUGE! Who does that? BJ’s Bingo that’s who!   Our newest gaming opportunity starting April…

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New Year’s Resolutions:

January 3, 2018

We all make resolutions, we commit them to a calendar or put them in a note on the fridge, or vow to keep them foremost in our minds. The common thinking that brings about a resolution, is the hope to make things better in our lives. To improve our health and wellbeing, to take time…

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Wow, How Did You Get So Lucky?

October 23, 2017

Recently one of our Regular Players won a Large Jackpot playing Bingo. It was the Lucky Seven for over $39,000, Wow what a win! When asked why he is so lucky, he simply answers, I am as lucky as you are. We are all lucky. We have to play to win, and I play to…

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Women, Wine and Designer Handbags!

October 15, 2017

Who knew you could have so much fun playing bingo and shop at the same time! Bring your friends to Bingo on Nov. 18th from 2:30 PM to 5 PM and play for Fabulous Designer Purses by Designer brands you love like Kate Spade, Coach,  Michael Kors  and more! Your $25 ticket will include a…

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Since when did MONSTERS become cute?

October 1, 2017

Disney and Billy Crystal ruined it. Monsters are supposed to drool under the bed. Monsters are supposed to creep up behind you in the hallway. Monsters are supposed to terrorize the neighborhood in zombie-like trances.   Monsters will be making an appearance at BJ’s Bingo & Gaming from 7AM October 30th to 7AM October 31th.…

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Looking For Another BJ Millionaire…

August 18, 2017

Who wants to win a trip to Las Vegas to compete in the BIGGEST slot tournament of the year?  We are looking for our second Millionaire!  Here’s how to WIN! Step 1: Earn Entry to Semi-Final Play at BJ’s during the month of August to win entry into the Semi-Final at BJ’s on September 2nd…

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