Continually Enhancing the Player Experience

We recently celebrated 37 years of Bingo and Gaming here at BJ’s Bingo in Fife, Washington, and one thing is for certain, we are still in business because of our customer’s loyalty.

We feel that this loyalty should be rewarded, so once a month we have our Player Loyalty Day called “True Blue” for all three sessions AM, PM, and Moonlight. The customers who play more frequently earn a larger discount for the day. Play 5 times and receive $10 off, 10 times and receive $20 off, 15 times and receive $30 off of your buy in at each of the three sessions we play. A program like this is designed to reward our customers for their loyalty.

Another way we reward our customers is behind the scenes. Much thought is given to making sure our customer’s feel at home here. Some of our most recent improvements include excellent lighting in our newly paved, newly fenced parking areas. One of our newest, and probably most appreciated improvement, is the 2 new red carts that will be transporting our customers from the parking area to the front entrance.

These new red carts are much more spacious inside then are previous models and include seating for 3 passengers plus the driver, with a bright rotating light on top of the car so you can easily find it. There is an extended rack on the back to place large items, such as walkers or wheel chairs, for transporting to the front entrance. They are Ecofriendly and our Security will see you safely transported to our facility. One of the Red Carts was named Fire Ball by the company, the other was offered up on our Facebook site for a Name that Cart Contest with the winning name of ‘Winner Wagon’. Our Facebook site frequently offers side games and contests for fun wins. The next time you come in to play at BJ’s Bingo perhaps you will get to ride in style in either the Winner Wagon or the Fireball.