Forward Thinking

This year is almost over. I am always a little bit sad to see a year fall off my personal calendar.  It means different things to different people. Some rejoice that a difficult year is over, some are relieved as they get another chance to have a better year. As I age I view it differently each year, knowing the time I get to spend with loved ones is growing shorter. With that said,  I turn my attention to the future years ahead, with something I call “forward thinking”, which means to me not lingering on what was, but thinking on what can be.

In my personal life this means that I have a whole year ahead of me filled with family, laughter and unconditional love. In my work life, this means that I will have an opportunity to grow in the skills I use daily to accomplish my job. Customer Service being paramount. Knowing that each individual that shares with me a need is being taken care of, is critically important to our business and is part of what has been the “special something” that BJ’s Bingo has that sets us apart from other companies.

I have been working here for a long time, the one thing I have noticed above all is that this company is “forward thinking” in the truest form. From time to time renovations in our building have become the step forward. Other steps forward have been employee training seminars. Meetings to make plans to bring new and innovative ideas to our players. Planning committees for events and holidays. Coordination of individual departments for Specials. So much goes on  in the background to deliver to our customers the best gaming experience possible that it boggles the mind. Always with a “forward thinking” process.

I am so excited to see what this next year will bring our customers and thrilled to still be a part of this amazing company

Ginnie McDonald