How to Win at Bingo

In 38 years of working the game of Bingo, one of the questions most often asked is, “How can I win?”.

Bingo is a game of chance, with luck playing a huge part in your ability to win. The card face you play on, combined with a random number generator, the pattern required to win that game, all have to align perfectly for a win. This means anyone can win at Bingo, with a little luck.

Think about why you are playing, for some it is a hobby, entertainment, socializing, or to simply make money.

But, you ask yourself, is there a way to place the odds in my favor?

The answer is yes, there are several things you can do to try to tip the odds in favor of a win.

For instance, you can play on slower Bingo sessions, when the crowd count is lower, this changes how many cards your cards are competing with.

You can choose the biggest Jackpots and invest more money into those games, which will give you more cards in play, and increase your chances of winning larger Jackpots.

Some people only play once a month or once every other month, and wonder why they are not winning. Frequency of play is another strategy used to conquer a win. The more times you play in a given month will increase your chance of a win. Figure out what you want to expense for the month for entertainment, divide that by how much you spend per session and see if you can create one or two more sessions within your budget, to increase your odds of a win. The more you play the better your chance of a win.

When you can’t play often then the more cards you play will increase your odds for a win, and on the flip side of that is buy fewer cards and increase the frequency of your play for a win.

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