Ichiro, Bingo, Pickles and Balls, Oh My!

Ichiro is back! That is music to the ear of every Mariner’s Fan!

For quite some time BJ’s Bingo has offered a Pickle Ball purchasing option for $2. What, You ask is a Pickle Ball? It is a chance to win $500 extra on every game starting after the Early Bird!

Which means there are 25 more chances to win on AM and PM sessions and 24 more chances on Moonlight sessions! All you have to do is bingo on Bingo Ball # B 8 and you will increase your win by $500, in addition to your Bingo win!

What does Ichiro have to do with Bingo, Pickles and Balls? In addition to the Pickle Ball gaming opportunity, we are offering an additional  opportunity to you to increase your odds of a win even more!

Ichiro’s uniform number is 51, and we are excited to announce the M’s Ball is available for just $2, all you have to do is Bingo on Bingo Ball # G 51 to win $510, in addition to your actual Bingo!

For just $4 more when you purchase the Pickle Ball and The M’s Ball you have just increased your chances of a win by 50 more opportunities on

AM and PM session and 48 more chances to win on Moonlight sessions!

Now that’s a homerun!