Along with the Fabulous Gaming offered at BJ’s Bingo, Slots, and Speed, we also offer Incredible Food at Great Prices.

Some of the crowd favorites include; Drummettes 6 or 12, Chicken Strips, Club Sandwiches. The Club Sandwich is a personal favorite of mine!

Burgers are way up there on the list and you can add the ample side of French Fries for only $1.49.

Nachos are very popular, and if you order the large, make sure to bring a few friends with you!

It’s not your average food here, we feature daily Lunch and Dinner Specials from our steam table, that are walk in ready to serve. Some of the Dinner Specials include, but are not limited to, Meatloaf, Lasagna, Shrimp Alfredo, and Pot Roast which come with all the trimmings. Lunch Specials include Soup of the Day and Sandwich, Kentucky Browns, and oft times the same as the Dinner Specials. My personal favorite dinner is the Meatloaf, it is just so consistently good every time!

Another great favorite of mine is the Smoked Turkey Sub, so delish with all the melty cheese over the thick turkey, bacon and tomatoe, topped off with chipotle mayonnaise!  Two more hot subs to choose from are the Philly Cheese Steak, and the Roast Beef!

Oh, and don’t get me started on the Breakfast menu! The Omelets are scrumptious, as well as the Pancakes and French Toast! One of the big time favorites here is the SOS, a rich sausage gravy served over hash browns. By far the Best Breakfast Muffin around, it is made to order with fresh ingredients. My favorite breakfast is “BJ’s Breakfast Special” it comes with a choice of sausage, bacon, or ham. I always get the yummy bacon.

It’s not required for you to be gambling here to enjoy the food, we have lots of walk ins and employees of area business’ love to stop in for a great lunch or dinner!

In short the menu is huge, the food is delish, and I have enjoyed every single bite for the 23 years I have been working here!

Remember you can cash your slot points in for $5 off in Mr. Ray’s Café!

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