I love the game of Bingo, it is a simple concept really, it is 75 balls numbered 1-75 and bingo cards with 25 squares on them. We have 24 numbers on the cards and the middle space is saved for the free space. In the beginning there were some very simple games, such as any line, but as the game’s popularity increased, many fun and more intricate patterns were developed. Of course you need a bingo hall, a Manager, callers, floor clerks and equipment, schedules and food availability. At BJ’s Bingo In Fife, we offer all that and so much more.


What makes the game unique are the people that come to play this fun game. Some of our customers come from Eastern Washington, and come over the mountains to get here. Some come from Seattle, some from just down the street. We even have people that come from other states, including as far away as Hawaii, Alaska, New York, or Florida, or from other countries! We do love the chance to see new faces and make new friends.


There are people, we in the business, call our “regulars’ .” I actually spend more time with my customers and employees in a week than I get to with my family. Our regulars become a second family for all of us. We celebrate holidays with them, as well as births of children in their lives. They share pictures of their pets with us and we care for these people the same as we would family.


We also, on occasion, are privileged to share their sorrows and struggles. Recently I was honored to see the love between two of our long time regulars. One of them was not feeling well, and his partner for over 50 years, was concerned, as they prepared to leave early, I overheard her say to him, as they held hands, “Are you going to be ok? I need you to be ok.” He responded with “I’ll be ok, as long as you are ok”. Such a simple conversation, but so very poignant. Within those few words were 50 years of loving each other, 50 years of caring for each other, 50 years of believing in each other. Such a simple statement really, but oh so full of longing and love.


Yes Bingo is a simple game, but the people that come to the hall to play are so much more than just customers to me, it really is all about the people for me.