Layer Cake Fillings Are The Best Part

When I think of a Layer Cake, I break it down into two parts: the cake;
which should be moist and firm enough to stand up to the fillings, because
the fillings, which can be the same as the frosting, or can be different on
each layer, are typically heavier than the cake itself. Now let’s discuss how
many layers you can create in a layer cake, as many as you like is the
answer! My Mom used to make a 7 layer Banana Cream Cake, it was
memorable. Fillings can be made using fruit, chocolate, butterscotch, nuts,
coconut, whip cream, Jams, it is just endless.
At BJ’s Bingo we have created Layers of Winning Possibilities within our
actual games. Our games are solid and built to stand up to these new
layers of winning “fillings”!
We had a winner tonight that won a bingo game for $1,000 and the
winning number was also our Bonus Ball for an additional $1478 plus it
was also a fireball win for $2160! These three wins are like the filling in a
layer cake and equaled $4,638 for the winner to take home! Yowza!
Three wins in one on a Regular Bingo Game! Unforgettable Win!
A little later in the same night we had a customer win a game for $1000
and because they purchased our new Power Up gaming opportunity they
won an additional $1500 for a total win of $2,500! What a way to Double
your Win!
Every gambler is looking for ways to increase their odds of a win. At BJ’s
Bingo we provide all of these incredible gaming opportunities.:
Mac Five = $5 for 5 of 5 Specials that you double • your winnings on!
Bonus, Fire, Second Chance Fire and Four Corners = $7 for 4
Jackpots on your Regular games as well as your bingo win. We
fondly call this “All the Balls”!

Power Up = $10 for an opportunity to win $10,000, $5,000, or $1500
on any regular game!

Biggie Bonanza = $3 for a minimum $50,000 jackpot starting at 48
numbers and pays extra all the way to 54 numbers!

Big Money Jackpot = $2 for an opportunity to win $100,00 in 47 #’s
or less, $5,000 in 48 to 50 #’s plays along with game 3!

M’s Ball = for $2 good on all games after the Early Bird, bingo on B 8
and you win an extra $500 as well as your bingo!

Pickle Ball = for $2 good on all games after the Early Bird, bingo on G
51 and you win an extra $510 as well as your bingo!

PBJ = for $15 includes the Pickle Ball, All the Balls, plus 9 Jumbo
cards for 5 Specials that you can double your winnings on!

As I said earlier in this Blog…. It is the fillings that are endless, and BJ’s
Bingo delivers Memorable Fillings.