Loyalty club

Get a Card. Get Rewarded.

Loyalty Club

Loyalty Has its Rewards! All Loyalty Members Earn Points Just by Playing Here. Whether Playing Slots, Bingo or Speed… Membership is Absolutely FREE.

One Card for Three Different Games!

Present Your Card to the Speed Manager, Bingo Admissions Clerk or Insert it in a Slot Machine Card Reader Before You Begin Play.


As You Play, Your Card Will Reward You With Points According to Your Play.

Points can be earned in all 3 departments of BJ's Bingo & Gaming and are held in 2 separate 'baskets'.

  • Earned Bingo points are held in one basket and can only be redeemed for Bingo play.
  • Earned Slot and Speed points are held in a second basket and can be redeemed for FREE Play at any BJ's Slot Kiosk or for Speed Play in the Speed Room.

Points Are Earned In the Following Ways:


Players will earn 1 point for every $1 wagered on any slot machine. Simply insert your card in the card reader on any slot machine. Each slot machine automatically keeps track of the points earned based upon the credits wagered.


Players earn points based on game type, player ranking and time played. Simply present your card to the Speed Manager or runner in the circle when buying in or beginning to play. The system will automatically track your points earned and award them to your card.


Earn Bingo Points for each of the following:

  • Players earn 25 points with purchase of the Bonus Ball.
  • Earn 50 points on Logo Wear Tuesdays.
  • Earn an Extra 50 points with purchase of all the Balls on Friday Moonlight.
  • Receive 50 points every bingo session you play on your birthday.


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