My Mother grew up during the depression, it was a time of make do, redo, or do without.

As a result we had a button box, a box with used zippers and snaps, old material taken from worn out clothes that was used for patching, a rag bag, etc. I wore my clothes until they were completely worn out. It was what you did back then, when you were a child of someone that grew up learning to get by.


Later in life my Mother was gifted with two sets of Noritake China….. Which she loved and promptly put away for “Special Occasions”. Once a year for Thanks giving, she would use them. In her declining years she used them not at all.


After my Mother passed away, one of the sets of Noritake became mine. I took my every day dishes out of my cupboard, and put my Mother’s Noritake in the place where we would use it every day. I did this because “Life is short, we need to enjoy the ride”.


I sincerely believe that beautiful things are meant to be used, I also believe that fun things are meant to be experienced.

I believe that Bingo and gambling are fun.

There is much excitement when you first enter a Gaming Establishment. There is a sense of what could be, of what could happen. It is tangible and you can feel it in the energy of the people around you. It’s like going on a ride at the fair, you wait in line, anticipating how much fun it will be and then it’s your turn to take the ride, or play the game and all the built up anticipation was worth it.


Playing Bingo is a lot like that, you come in, buy in at your seat or at the ticket window,  and when you look around, you see the excitement and anticipation. You notice that people are happy, and chatting and sharing stories. Then the session begins and it is like taking a ride at the fair. You “get on” for the winning pattern, waiting for your number to be called, holding your breath, then you see it, your number is next, you are going to get to yell Bingo and the anticipation was so worth it! Whether it is a regular win or a Jackpot win, all that is rolling around in your mind is  ” I did it! I am a winner!  What a wonderful ride!”


There are few catch phrases I have heard over my career in gaming. You can’t win, if you don’t play!  Play to win!

The more you play, the better your chance of a win. Play often, win often . Winning is believing!


Getting to play a game that you can win money at, be entertained, have fun, and socialize with others in a relaxed atmosphere is a great experience, and one worth repeating.


Life is short, enjoy the ride. Experience the fun of winning! In other words, use the good dishes every day, enjoy the beauty of the moment.