New Year’s Resolutions:

We all make resolutions, we commit them to a calendar or put them in a note on the fridge, or vow to keep them foremost in our minds.

The common thinking that brings about a resolution, is the hope to make things better in our lives. To improve our health and wellbeing, to take time to live life better, with purpose and to spend time enjoying our selves more. Because one thing is sure, time slips into the future so fast it makes our heads spin.

At BJ’s Gaming Facility we are also making resolutions. Plans have been in the works looking forward to 2018 and finding new and exciting ways to bring gaming at BJ’s to a whole new level.

One of our newest plans is to add a Thursday Moonlight to the weekly bingo schedule. This will eliminate the Power Hour, but will bring a full session of Moonlight Magic to our players. To celebrate this change with you, we will be featuring 2 virtual drawings for players spending a minimum of $50 on the session . The drawing are for a free week of bingo, which means that two lucky players will have a $50 credit to spend on each session that they can fit in for a week, that could be 21 sessions! This will start on the following Monday through Sunday, after the Thursday that you win this fabulous drawing on.

Did you know? ………….The Thursday and Friday night PM sessions are wonderful sessions packed with extra money on your regular games. Level 2 cards which include  B- I -N-G electronic packs and regular paper packs pay $700, while level 3 cards in the O pack pay $1,000 !!!!!

Now you have so many reasons to make Thursday nights your destination location.

In fact, why not spend the whole weekend at BJ’s, Thursday and Friday nights have great payouts, plus Friday has 10 extra jackpot balls paying $500 when you bingo on regular games on them. Saturday night all the regular games pay $1,000 no matter which pack you purchase. If it is your birthday month, then Saturdays feature $40 off your N-G-or O packs!

Oh I almost forgot! Moonlight Magic Sessions all electronic packs have 100 cards in them!

Add playing bingo at BJ’s on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights to your resolutions list for more fun and higher payouts!