What is in a pattern? It is a predictable form repeated. Bingo has patterns, many patterns.
They are predictable forms that are repeated in varying shapes on games throughout a
bingo session.
Some bingo patterns are quick plays, needing only 4 or 5 numbers to accomplish the win.
Some are designed for a lengthier play and more complicated patterns as a rule do take
more time to win.
In bingo we also use a ” game along the way ” phrase which is a lead up game to a bigger
win played on the same card. Such as two hollywoods followed by 4 hollywoods, with the
third game being a full cover card, or blackout. A i is a block of four and can be used as a
pattern in each corner of the card.
I also think the names are rather fun, like crazy bingo, which is two line bingos on one card
with a wild number. Some of the names are layer cake, postage stamp, kaboom, chair,
chevron, shooting star, Indian star, pyramid…. The list goes on seemingly forever. Patterns
in bingo games are a fascinating concept to me.
When you are new to bingo, patterns are fun to learn, some become your favorites
especially when you win on them!
People remember what game number as well as what pattern their wins are, as they
capture a memorable moment and when they see that pattern pop up it triggers a happy
sensation with the memory of a win!