This weekend I am making a 15 pound potato salad, for a large family event. As I prepared the ingredients that I believe make the best potato salad, and I finely chop the ingredients, pickles, onion, celery, carrots, and cook my potatoes to perfection, special spices,  then chill everything separately, ready for me to combine. The idea that potato salad in every person’s life is different occurred to me. It depends on how your Mom or Gramma made it, how the recipe was handed down, how it was tweaked through the generations of family.


BJ’s_bingo bag is also full of ingredients, it could have been handed down from your Gramma, it has daubers, pens, notepads with lucky numbers on it, coupons, gum, candy, advertisements, calendars, special lucky charms. Ah yes, the lucky charms are like the unique spices added to the potato salad. There may be elephants with their tusks pointing up to keep the luck from draining out, and when on the table pointed at the door so the luck coming in will find the lucky elephant.


Sometimes it is the lucky picture of loved ones, or the special coin to put on the number you are waiting for the caller to call so you can win the game! It might be the family of Panda bears that you collected that are your special luck. I have seen Buddha’s that get their tummy’s rubbed for luck. Collections of stuffed animal friends, one lady always surrounded herself with frogs. Pigs are another lucky icon.


So remember when you are preparing to play bingo and putting the items for a perfect bingo session in your bingo bag to pack your lucky-charms for that extra bit of luck to spice up the fun.


I noticed one of our customers rubbing a sign that promoted a great new Jackpot. I asked her if that was a lucky rub and she said of course, how did you know? It was a lucky guess, I replied with a smile.