$100,000 Bingo Tournament

$100,000 Bingo Tournament

Saturday April 29th, 2017 – 3 PM

15-$5000 Games Plus One Game Pays $25,000

WIN a ticket to Play in the tournament starting January 1st!

How To WIN Your Ticket:

  • Bingo by yourself on a Tournament Card and WIN a Ticket to the Bingo Tournament.
  • Tournament Cards are available at every regular session.
  • A Tournament pack is $5 and gives you 9 cards for the regular games and Blackouts. Bingo on a tournament card and WIN the standard paper payout.  Single winners will also receive a TICKET to the tournament.
  • Win as many tickets as you can to limit your competition.
  • Play the $100,000 Bingo tournament on the date posted on your entry Ticket.
  • Rules subject to change as necessary.
  • Lost or stolen tickets cannot be replaced as they are transferable.
  • Must Buy a ’72 Card Count’ Machine pack before purchasing $5 Tournament Pack.