2019 $100,000 Bingo Tournament

Win a ticket to this tournament any regular session with a bingo on a tournament card.

Tickets to the Tournament Must be Won!

How to WIN Your Ticket:

  • BINGO (5 or fewer winners) on a Tournament Card & WIN a ticket to the $100,000 Bingo Tournament.
  • Tournament cards are available electronically every regular session.
  • Ask your cashier or buy tournament cards directly from your machine.
  • A tournament pack is $5 and gives you 9 cards for the regular games and the blackouts. Bingo on a tournament card and WIN the level 2 payout or the standard payout on Saturday PM. Five or fewer winners on any one game will also receive a TICKET to the tournament.
  • Win as many tickets as you can to limit your competition.
  • Play the $100,000 Bingo Tournament on the date posted on your entry ticket.
  • Rules subject to change as necessary.
  • Lost or stolen tickets cannot be replaced as they are transferable.
  • Must buy a ‘B, I, N, G or O’ pack or ‘M, A, G, I or C’ pack to purchase a tournament pack.

Tournament Day Rules:

  • Why standing in line? Buy bingo credits or use your existing bingo credits right at your seat or buy-in at the window.
  • Your ticket entitles you to entry to the tournament and a FREE 6-on pack for all the games.
  • Turn in your ticket stub(s) for either a paper or electronic pack.
  • House Rules are posted in the game schedule booklet or in the flyer stand.
  • Players must have a ticket to play. Players must sign the larger portion of the ticket and place it in the table clip at your seat. Players must have a tickets for each FREE pack played.
  • No points or coupons used on Tournament.