no tricks

all treats!



How to Play:

Play any bank of machines with “Pumpkin” balloons starting October 1st at 7 am thru November 1st at 7 am, to receive a promotional ticket randomly printed and dispensed by the machine. All tickets must contain the serial number to be valid.

How to Win:

Take your promo ticket to the slot cashier and try your luck in your Treasure Chest. The Treasure Chest is filled with pumpkin treat bags that include CASH or FREE PLAY.

How to Collect:

Once you have chosen your Treat Bag from the Treasure Chest, a floor worker will escort you and the bag to the slot cashier. The slot cashier will take the special card from inside your bag and reveal your prize.

Pumpkin Treat Bag Prizes Include:

  • $500 Cash
  • $100 Cash
  • $100 Free Play
  • $50 Free Play