Power UP+

Power UP All Your Session Packs for Only $12 to WIN UP TO $10,000 on any Regular Game

Bingo on any of the ‘Power UP+’ Numbers and Match 2-4 more ‘Power UP+’ Numbers anywhere on the Winning Card to WIN a Power UP+ Bonus!!

Power UP+ Paytable:
  • 5 Out of 5 #s   WIN $10,000
  • 4 Out of 5 #s   WIN $5,000
  • 3 Out of 5 #s   WIN $1,500
  • (Last # Called Must Be One of the Power UP+ Numbers.)


Power UP+ Rules:
  • Five Power UP+ Numbers will be drawn at the beginning of each Session. The Power UP+ Numbers drawn for the session must be posted accurately.
  • The bingo ball is not part of the official game until called. Only called numbers create a bingo.
  • A Power UP+ ‘Bonus’ must be claimed and verified separately after a valid bingo on the same card has been verified.
  • Valid on These Games and Sessions:
    • Regular Sessions and Saturday Night Sessions: Games 4-9 & 13-18
    • Moonlight Sessions: Games 4-9 & 13-16
  • To be eligible to win the Power UP+ bonus:
    • Guest must have paid a separate fee for the Power UP+ Bonus.
    • The receipt must have ‘Power UP+’ printed on it for that guest to be eligible for the Power UP+ Bonus.
    • A verified bingo in an above designated game is required.
    • One of the Power UP+ Numbers must be the last number called and must create a verified bingo.**
    • Match 3-5 of the Power UP+ Bonus Numbers on the winning card and win the cash Prize accourding to the Power UP+ PayTable. (Multiple Power UP+ Winners split Power UP+ Bonus)
  • Multiple Winners: To determine your winning bonus, divide the bonus by the number of Power UP+ winners on the verified bingo.
  • The Power UP+ Bonus may be won multiple times in the same session.
  • All house rules of the participating location that do not conflict with these rules are applicable to this game.
  • Management reserves all rights to calcel or change this promotion at any time.
  • Winners are responsible for all taxes.
  • Each guest must have their own valid buy-in receipt from the location and must play their own card/packs in order to win a game prize. Paper cards passed to another guest are not valid, unless both guests have paid the ‘Power UP+’ fee. Guest must play the correct number of paper cards as determined on the receipt.
  • Guest must check their buy-in receipt before leaving the admission counter to ensure it is accurate.
  • If a claimed bingo cannot be verified due to the winning card or system being altered, compromised, tampered with, obscured, damaged or mutilated in any way the bingo will be disqualified.
  • Ay equipment malfunction or any other circumstance that alters the fairness of the game or the draw odds will void the game results.
  • By participating in this game, the guest agrees that these rules are binging. In the event of a dispute, all decisions of the participating location’s gaming regulatory authority are final.
  • **Guest must bingo on the last number called to WIN. A Guest who achieves the winning pattern is responsible for calling out ‘BINGO’ loud enough to respond. It is the player’s responsibility to yell ‘BINGO’ again until heard by the caller.
  • Not valid on over 20 or more bingo game wins.