How To WIN the Jackpots in Speed Bingo

3 Number Days – Monday, Thursday, Sat. and Sunday

• Hotball Jackpot- Bingo after the 'BJ' Hotball with your blue ante light on to WIN extra Cash
 • Trifecta Jackpot- Bingo in the first 3 numbers in numerical order, lowest to highest.
 • Super Jackpot -  Win in 3 numbers and be eligible to play our Pyramid Game.  Make it to the top of the Pyramid and WIN the Super and  continue on to the Big Mac Jackpot.  (Odds: 1 in 30)
 • Big Mac Jackpot - Win the Super Jackpot and continue on to a 2nd pyramid to WIN the Big Mac Jackpot  (Odds: 1 in 10)

5 Number Days – Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

• 4 Corners in 4 numbers pays $775 on quarter action day, pays $1199 on 50 cent action day.
 • Bingo in 6-9 numbers to WIN extra Cash $200 to $1000.
 • Hit 5 Jackpot - Bingo in 5 numbers with the blue light on to win the Progressive Jackpot.