Our bingo players and slots players alike love the new VGT games that just arrived in our slots room.

There are two kinds of the newest games, let me tell you about them:

The first one is called “Wild Lepre’coins”. There is a Pot of Gold at the top of the screen and a Leprechaun randomly goes to the pot and throws coins down below on the pay lines. Those coins turn into ‘Wilds’.  There can be as many as 8 wilds added to the pay lines! Wow, that is so cool! While I was watching, the Leprechaun pulled a pipe from the Pot of Gold and blew a bubble that turned into a gold four leaf clover.  It floated down to the pay lines and made a bunch of ‘Wilds’… so many that almost the whole screen paid! The big bonus happens when 3 Pots of Gold show up on the pay line and you get free spins.  If one of the pots is purple you get extra spins!

The second game is “Birds of Pay” and it has some exciting features as well. An Eagle flaps its wings at the top of the screen then flies down to the pay lines with a star around it.  Then Eagles appear randomly at the top and can fly, as many as 8 of them, down to the pay lines and place ‘Wilds’ all over! Another bonus is when a large Eagle comes to the front of the screen over the pay lines and screeches at you and flaps its wings and puts ‘Wilds’ all over! When you get 3 Golden Egg nests, you then get the Free Spins Bonus!

The “word” on the gaming floor from the customers, is that they love these new VGT games so much because they are fun, entertaining, randomly bonus, and they Pay Well, very Well!

We have 5 machines of each game, so a total of 10 and they are located in both the smoking and non-smoking rooms.

These two games are about to get even more exciting! On March 21st for 24 hours starting at 7 A. M. on the 21st these two games will pay an additional $500 to the first 10 Jackpot winners on each game!

Who does that? You may ask yourself….BJ’s Slot Room that’s who!