Slots Winners

Billy Has a Nice WIN on VGT!

Billy WON $5295.04 on a VGT machine! Great Win!!

Debra Hits on Rumble in the Jungle

Debra WON $16,791.46 on the Rumble in the Jungle Machine! Congratulations!

Joan Hits on Wolf Queen!

Joan WON $3492.40 on the Wolf Queen!! Nicely Done Joan!!

William WINS on the DALI!!

William WON $1920 on Cadillac’s Dali Machine. Congrats William!

Nikki is Very Lucky!

Nikki hits another jackpot on the Billionaire Life machine for $6775.39. This is her second nice win in the last couple weeks. Congratulations!

Marcolina Rumbles in the Jungle…

Marcolina WINS BIG on the Rumble in the Jungle machine to the tune of $20,628.05!! Way to Go!!!

Will Hits on Winter Dragon!

Will WON $1237.12 on the Winter Dragon machine. Happy New Year!!

Jessica Has Big Win on New Year’s Eve!!

Jessica WON $2826.08 on a Wild Turkey Machine to Celebrate New Years Eve!! Congrats!

Marlene is a Big Winner on SO HOT!

Marlene WON $1269.00 on So Hot New Years Eve!! Way to Go!

Petra Closes Out 2017 with a Nice Win!!

Petra WON $1800.01 on a Buffalo Jackpot machine.  Congratulations!!

Shelly WINS on the Wolf Queen Machine!

Shelly WON $3921.12 on Wolf Queen!!  Very nice Win Shelly!!

Way To Go Heidi!!

Heidi Hit on the Daji Dali machine to a tune of $1440.00!!  Happy New Years!!!

Wendy WINS Really BIG!!!!

Wendy just WON $35,599,56 on a Cadillac AGS machine! WOW!! Happy Holidays!!!

Nikki Hits Again!!

Nikki WON $1282.52 on the same Billionaire Life machine as last week. Sweet Luck!! Congrats!

Jennifer WINS BIG!

Jennifer WON $5650.93 on Jackpot Inferno!  Nicely Done! Congrats!

Faamasani WINS on Premier Diamonds!

Faanasani WON $1200 on the Premier Diamond machine! Enjoy the holidays!!

Nikki WINS on Billionaire Life

Nikki Won $1281.30 on the Billionaire Life machine! Congratulations!

A Hit on Monkey in the Bank

Peniamina WON $1614. on Monkey in the Bank. Just in Time to Enjoy the Holidays!

A Hit on Billionaire Life!!

Playing Billionaire Life, Jimmie Hit for $1405.46!!  Congrats Jimmie!!

Stacie Rumbles in the Jungle!!

Stacie Hits for $1318.80 Rumbling in the Jungle!! Nice Win!!