Slots Winners

Warren Wins Big on Chile Fiesta

On October 3rd, Warren Hit It Big playing the Chile Fiesta Winning $16,458.38!! Congratulations!!

Nella wins big in the slot room

Nella WON $16,205.72 Playing the Ghost Bear Slot Machine on Sept. 6th! Way to rock the slots!!!

Susanna H Wins Big

Susanna Was Super Excited to Have Won $10,501.30 Playing Her Favorite Machine, Monkey in the Bank on August 11th! Enjoy it!!

Susan WINS BIG!!

Sue was getting down to her last few spins on June 30th when…BAM!!!! She’s suddenly $59,205.32 richer! How Sweet!!


Aunuu WON $35,395.81 Playing in the Slot Room on Feb. 13th. Great!!! What to do first?!!!


David WON $8285. Playing Rumble in the Jungle on Feb. 22nd!! Congratulations!!


Lisa WON $13,828.68 Playing the TIKI Slot Game on Feb. 23rd!! Way to go!!!!

Louise WON Our 2nd Highest In-house JP

Louise Won $66,014.42 on the Cadillac Progressive – Star of Phoenix. 2nd Highest Progressive WIN!

Great Win Donald!

Donald WON $10,012.06 on the Cadillac Wendall & Sparks game in the slot room.

Pay It Forward

Virginia Won This Truck at our Slot Tournament. Then she game it to her Son for GRADUATION! Congrats to Both Virginia and her son.

Congrats Jeffery!

Jeffery thought he broke his machine when it froze. Turns out, he won the progressive JP for $30,227. June 2016

Congrats Dwayne

Dwayne WON $20,083.26 Playing ‘Star of Phoenix’ in the Slot room!

No Joke!

Rhea Won $7,932.71 on the ‘Monkey in the Bank’ machines on April Fools Day!

The 16th Cadillac Jackpot WON this year!

Congrats!!! Virginia WON $37,915.82 on our In-house Cadillac Jackpot.


Congratulations to Veronica for Winning $17,317.94 playing the FireWolf game in slots on Feb. 4th. Enjoy your winnings!!

Congrats Warlita

Warlita WON $31,312.38 in the Slot Room on a Favorite Machine called ‘Monkey In The Bank’.

Congrats Martha

Martha won $8451.09 playing Twice is Nice in the Slot Room!

Congrats Susan!

At BJ’s, we exchange old slot games for new games to keep things FUN. Susan was playing a machine on one of it’s last days here at BJ’s…just to say goodbye! Suddenly she WON $32,572!


Chantile WON $7618 in the Slot Room. Congratulations Chantile!!!


Bill WON the $10,000 First Place prize in the Slot Monster Tournament on Aug 29. Congratulations BILL!