Wow, How Did You Get So Lucky?

Recently one of our Regular Players won a Large Jackpot playing Bingo.

It was the Lucky Seven for over $39,000, Wow what a win!

When asked why he is so lucky, he simply answers, I am as lucky as you are. We are all lucky. We have to play to win, and I play to win!

I spend a little more than the average player, especially when a Jackpot is up there. I make sure to play enough cards to get a good chance to win, although people can win with just one card. I try to increase my odds of winning by spending a bit more.

I play frequently which also increases my chance of a win. My wife and I   come to play with the thought of enjoying the evening together. When we win it is a bonus that we are happy to get. My wife loves to play Bingo, and also won a Jackpot this year for $32,000.

Some folks spend a little, and win a little; I spend more to win more. It’s how I tip the odds in my favor.

You cannot win if you don’t play, so we play. The two of us look forward to playing Bingo, and having an evening out together, and Jackpot Wins make the night out just that much better.