13 Reasons to Spend Halloween At BJ’s in Fife

At BJ’s we specialize in fun, and on Halloween we have a howling good time.

1. Just click your heels together and say “There’s no place like BJ’s!”

2. The Bingo Department will be celebrating in style with a $31,000 Will Go Session starting at 6:00 pm with

3. 10 Warm Up Games for $100 each, followed by the Main Event starting at 7 PM with

4. 20 games paying $1000 and topping off the night with a

5. Will Go Mercedes ! (if not previously won)

6. Reservations available by Oct. 14th please call Guest Services for more information.


In our Slot Rooms, we will have…

7. Pumpkin Balloons at select banks of machines starting October 1st at 7 am through November 1st at 7 am.

8. Play on these machines and win a randomly printed and dispensed promotional ticket. After winning your ticket take it to the Slot Cashier and try your luck at the

9. Treasure Chest, to see which treat bag you will win, Which will it be:

10. CASH of $100 or $500 or $50 or $100 in Free Play!


Our Speed Bingo Department will have a..

11. $10 Match Play Coupon for you if you play in Full Costume! As added fun

12. Bingo in 15 numbers or Less and pick from The Great Pumpkin for EXTRA CASH!

13. Play the Tag a Long every session in October to win the Mercedes ! Will Go on Halloween! (if not previously won).

In bingo lingo number 13 is the Quinella number for 31, which makes it fun, and it guarantees you a spooky good time on Halloween at BJ’s Bingo and Gaming where you’re always number 1 !!!!!!!