“BJ’s Is My Hangout Place”!

From time to time when I am chatting with my customers I hear them say something that inspires me to write a blog.


Such was the case this week, one of our regular customers loves us so much, that she likes to come here on her way to work and just hang out. She may not have enough time to commit to an entire Bingo session, but she can come down and have a great dinner, breakfast , or lunch, then go play some Speed Bingo, or sit down and relax playing Slots.


How wonderful that we can provide a fun, entertaining, enjoyable hour or two for her to spend relaxing before she heads to her job. She shared that the employees at BJ’s have become her friends, and she likes to visit with them. She has over time come to be friends with many of the other players as well.


Of historical note, quite a few years ago BJ’s Bingo and Gaming was called BJ’s Social Club. The connection between the idea of “BJ’s is My Hangout Place” and “BJ’s Social Club” struck my mind as an enduring quality of our business.


BJ’s has been in business for 38 years now, and there is a unique reason why. People form a bond with the employees and their fellow customers become their friends.  We see generation after generation of families that have played here and enjoyed their time spent together just “Hanging Out”, and when they take home a win it is like frosting on the cake.


In this world we live in today, where everything is all hustle and bustle, and time is spent working and taking care of business…… it is so nice that there is a special place in Fife called BJ’s Bingo and Gaming where you can come to “Hang Out and Socialize”.