Life is Short, Enjoy the Ride

Retirement, the next phase in life to look forward to when your work life comes to completion. Retirement means different things to different people. You have worked hard all your life, it is time for some fun!


For some it means getting to pursue time for hobbies, like gardening, reading, taking classes to grow and learn, or give back to your community. It means you have 40 plus extra hours a week to squander however you want to. Perhaps you will write the next great American novel, perhaps you will invent something that will help the world in a way only you could have imagined.


For some of us, it means that we have this wonderful luxurious thing called unlimited time. We can enjoy not having our time scheduled, and relax. We can actually do some days of “nothing” if we want to.


For those folks that love Bingo we can play as often as we want. BJ’s Bingo in beautiful downtown Fife is the place to be. We have fantastic programs for our Seniors when they reach age 55 or better. For instance, for every $25 spent you receive a $3 discount on all AM sessions and Sunday and Monday PM sessions! Seniors will also receive a free Lucky 7 game (valued at $4)  when they purchase the $1 bonus ball on the same specified Senior Sessions.

Once a year on your Birthday after you complete the “O Row” and are turning 76 years young, you will begin to reap the benefit of The Super Senior Discount on your Birthday.

This means you now receive your age off of your purchase AM, PM, and Moonlight on the day of your birth, so if you are 76 years and above you will receive that savings!


Mr. Ray’s Café offers Seniors  a 16 oz soda for just 50 cents that’s a savings for Seniors of 79 cents and it is every AM, PM, and Moonlight session.


When you play just 4 times a month, and spend $25 each time you will receive an additional 10 % off your purchase.


At BJ’s Bingo we love our Seniors and want to help them play more often by offering them discounts that make a difference. After all Bingo is a great way to spend your time, socializing with your friends, and with a little Lady Luck on your side you may bingo and get a nice boost to your monthly income.


Life is short, enjoy the ride to BJ’s Bingo, where retirement fun!