Fishin’ For a Fortune 2019

$100,000 Fishin’ for a Fortune!!

It’s fishing time again at BJ’s! Play the Double Action bingo game during any regular session for your chance to go fishing for $100,000!!

Additional Clarification on the Fishing for a Fortune Promotion:

  1. Select the Angle Fish and WIN the Grand Prize of $100,000 payable by a third party insurer. A $100,000 win ends the game for the month!
  2. Catch smaller fish to win smaller prizes:
    • Players may elect to stop the game at any time and collect the awarded prize.
    • Players may elect to continue until catching a shark, which signifies a whammy and will end the game and they player will lose all catch.
    • Players may elect to continue through the game play without hitting a shark and without stopping willingly which will result in catching their limit after seven (7) total rounds.

BJ’s will have a Bingo Party for the $100,000 WINNER where a check will be presented to the WINNER!!