The History of the Happy Red Flag

Twenty five years ago I walked into BJ’s Bingo and Gaming for the first time, as I looked around I noticed something different than I had ever seen in State Regulated Bingo Halls, these small white table tents with red numbers on them, were sprinkled here and there in the several rooms that were set aside for Bingo.


I was scheduled for an interview, and hired. That was the beginning of a whole new way of thinking. I had been in the Gaming industry in State Licensed Bingo Halls for 15 years, now I would begin working in a Federally regulated hall. The really amazing difference was that while there are stringent rules in how gaming is to be run in both State and Federal gaming, the Federal Regulations allowed us to create a ton more fun for our players. Specials that we could advertise and unique gaming opportunities.


BJ’s Bingo in the middle of Fife is the most customer centric business I have ever worked in. They continually think about ways to put the customer first in all things. If you were a mouse and in my pocket, at a planning meeting for a new special, you would hear phrases such as, ” how will that affect our players”, or “if we offer that, can our players use it effectively with other offers and can we program that to make it easy for their use.” The team think-tanks here are wonderful and are all geared to how the customer’s playing experience needs to be the very best that our efforts can create for them.


One of those unique items happens to be our Happy Red Flags, which at one time were orange, and were before that the table tents I had seen when I first walked into the hall. Our Happy Red Flags are given out by our Hostess’ at the Rim Station when our players first come in, and acquire their no fee membership card. They are then awarded 50 Bingo points to get them started  and enable them to purchase the Lucky 8 game with 1 point per sheet. They are given a hand out for a special 3 Step Buy in for New Players, to help them navigate the Bingo buy in process.


I love our Happy Red Flags, they indicate where new players are, so that staff is immediately aware  that we have new members in the house,  and to check with them to make sure they have all they need for a successful and entertaining session.


When our new players first come in they are directed to wave their Happy Red Flag in the air for help of any kind, and to yell Bingo, as well as wave their flag when they win! We want to make sure they have a great way to communicate with us!


The happy red flags are also coveted as a memento by some and have been taken to states all over the U.S. as well as abroad to other countries.


That little table tent was the beginning step of the Happy Red Flag, it is a warm reminder that BJ’s Bingo is always looking for ways to improve the customer experience, and communication.