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Bingo Info

BJ's Bingo is a world class, family run bingo game. Each one of our 584 bingo seats offers an industry leading 4 feet of comfortable table space for each player in both smoking and non-smoking rooms. A convenient cafe with table side service and a very friendly staff is available during all sessions. Also every bingo seat comes equipped with an electronic Bingo dauber computer. There are NO minimum play and NO rental fees on the player units. Some of the computers include a built in TV… And there is plenty to WIN! $10,000 minimum goes on every session PLUS BIG Jackpots are also available to win every session. BJ's Bingo has the Biggest Payouts For Your Money … ANYWHERE!

How to Play Bingo at BJ's

There is a huge amount of satisfaction that comes with yelling out the word, "BINGO!" And at BJ's… Lot's of Money comes too.  Each regular session pays at least $10,000!


Your goal is to mark numbers on your bingo card to form the bingo pattern required to WIN the game.  Each Bingo row (B,I,N,G and O) has 15 numbered bingo balls:

  • B 1-B 15
  • I 16-I 30
  • N 31 - N 45
  • G 46-G 60
  • O 61 -O 75

The caller will announce each pattern prior to the start of the game. Players daub numbers as they are called. The machine will automatically daub your machine cards.  Your marked numbers will begin to form patterns.  When your pattern matches the game pattern required, you yell 'BINGO' loud enough to stop the game.

First Time Players

If you are a first time player, here are some tips to help get started:

  1. Arrive at least one hour before the game starts.  This will give you enough time to pick up a FREE membership card, buy-in and find a seat.
  2. Make sure you have purchased at least one card for every game.
  3. Pre-mark your bingo cards with a highlighter or pen.  This will help keep you focused on the numbers needed to form the winning pattern.
  4. Become familiar for the Bingo Game Booklet and rules.
  5. Ask a floor clerk which numbers are 'wild' on the Texas Blackout game.  If Even numbers are wild, daub all numbers ending in 2,4,6,8 and O.  If Odd numbers are wild, daub all numbers ending in 1,3,5,7 and 9.
  6. Make sure to yell 'BINGO' loud so the caller can acknowledge your bingo and stop the game.


Feel free to ask for assistance. Bingo Staff is available to show you how to play. Just ask any of our friendly staff for help. New members are given a 'Flag' so that the staff will stop and explain the games they are selling. Please post your flag at your seat to receive special attention from our staff. Don't worry, you are not alone.

Gecko Player Stations

  • Lets you play more bingo cards effortlessly
  • Advances the game and marks your numbers automatically
  • Some of the players stations have TV's to watch your favorite show while you play bingo.
  • Let's you know how many numbers you need to bingo.
  • Alerts you when you are 1 number away.
  • Notifies you when you bingo by flashing 'Fireworks'.

Hours of Operation

AM Session:
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM


PM Session:
6:45 PM - 10:00 PM


Moonlight Session:
10:45 PM - 1:30 AM


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