Recent Winners

This Speed Winner WINS Big!!

This Lucky Speed Player Hit the MAC JACKPOT for $8216.!!  Congratulations!!

Another Big Winner in the Slot Room!!

Debbie Won a Very Cool $12,642.65 on a Monkey in the Bank machine!! Nicely Done!!

$100,000 WINNER at BJ’s!!

Yesterday, one of our lucky players hit the Big Money Jackpot for $100,000!! The winner was a bit shy, but their best friend had plenty of excitement for them both! Congratulations!!

Big Texas Blackout Winner Yesterday!!

Our BIG TEXAS winner yesterday was Mahlealanie Who Took Home $10,000!! Way to Go!!

A Lucky Winner on Lucky Lava!!

Lisa WON $1585.50 on the Lucky Lava Machine!!  Way to Go Lisa!! Congrats!

Monkey in the Bank Give Up a Big One!!

Jeanette WON Really Big on a Monkey in the Bank Machine Taking Home $16,273.27!!!  Congratulations Jeanette!!

Teresa Has a Good Day in Slots!!

Teresa WON $1340. on a Fu Nan Fu Nu Machine in the Slot Room This Week!! Way to go Teresa!!

Evelyn Had a Big Day at BJ’s!!

Evelyn Won the POWER UP in Bingo and then WON $1523. on and EXTRA BONUS WILDS Machine in the Slot Room!!  Congratulations!!

Winacus Maximus Delivers Big!

Kenina WON Big on a Winacus Maximus machine Taking Home $1346.!! Congrats!!

Mary Hits on Monkey in the Bank!!

Mary WON $1271.80 on a Monkey in the Bank Machine!!  Way to go Mary!!

Clara Hits on PM Bonus Ball!!

Clara WON $1313. on the PM Bonus Ball Last Night! Congratulations Clara!

Big Winner on Festival of Gems

Juanita Hit on Festival of Gems Last Week for $2000! Way to Go!!!

Another Big Winner on Star of Phoenix!!

We Had Another Big Winner on a Star of Phoenix machine for a whopping $32,469!!!! Hot!Hot!Hot!

Big Winner on the Star of Phoenix Machine!

Petra WON $11,860 on the Star of Phoenix Machine Yesterday! Way to Go Petra!!!

$100,000 Bingo Tournament Winners

These 2 Ladies, Stephanie and Melelita, are Our 2018 Bingo Tournament Champions. They Split $25,000! Congratulations!!

Another Winner in the Slot Room!

Jeiver WON $1440 on a Cadillac/AGS machine this week! Way to GO!!

Monkey in the Bank Pays Big!!

Beatrice Hit on a Monkey in the Bank Machine for $1271!!  Way to go Beatrice!!

Peggy WINS on VGT Machine!

Peggy WON a $1380. Jackpot on a VGT Machine!  Congratulations Peggy!!

Another Happy Slot Winner!

Kevin WON $2000 in the Slot Room!! Fun and Winning $$$…a Great Combination!!

Another Big Slot Winner!

Tom WON Over $1000 in the Slot Room Last Week!! Congrats Tom!