Recent Winners

Birds of Pay….

What a WIN and just in time for the Holidays!Congratulations on your $21,140 win, Michael!! 

Fireball Winner!

James bingo’d last night for 1/2 of the PM Fireball for $1029 PLUS his bingo!! Congratulations James! 

Just a spoon full of Sugar…Delight!

What?!? Clara just won $24,863 on Cadillac Jack’s Sugar Delight!!!!!! Congratulations Clara! 

Still in shock!

Just in time for the Holidays! Congratulations on your BIG WIN Trisha $31,571.26!!! 


Congratulation Stanley on your BIG WIN!! $11,446.53 Multi Media 

What a WIN!!

WOW! What a WIN Micheal!! $81,498.18 (Oct 2018 Cadillac Progressive Win) 

Thema is on Fire with this win!

Great Win for Thema!! She won the 1st chance Fireball Jackpot good for $3,454


Hip hip hooray! Nancy won $3,000 on the 52nd # on the Biggie Bonanza on Nov 4th Congratulations Nancy!

Power Up, Pickle Ball & BINGO!

Jocelyn won $5000 on Power Up+ PLUS $167 on the pickle ball AND $334 on the bingo! 3 wins in one for $5501… Congratulations Jocelyn!! 

Stampede Power!

 Congratulations Billy on your AMAZING WIN! $31,096.78 on Cadillac Jack’s Stampede Power

4-Corner Jackpot Winner!

Congratulations Jeanette on your BIG WIN on the PM 4-corners for $23,996!! 

Big Smiles & Big Money!!

Kathy won $10,000 on the Biggie Bonanza in 49 numbers !! Congratulations Kathy!!  Kathy was 2 numbers away when she purchased her Biggie Bonanza 3-on!

What a Rumble!

Congratulations Cherie on your BIG WIN of $30714.47 playing Cadillac Jacks Rumble in the Jungle!!!

Lucky Card!!

Hit 5 went for $20,040 on this lucky card! Congratulations Winner!!

Billionaire Life

Lynette’s new favorite game is Billionaire Life! Congratulations on your $1314.75 WIN!!

Texas Blackout Winner

David bingo’d on the 45th number good for the Texas Blackout Jackpot of $9200! Congratulations David!!

$10,000 Zap Winner!

Congratulations on your $10,000 win on Everi’s Zap game Bounny!!!

CadillacJack Progressive In-House Jackpot Winner!!

Congratulations Dwayne on your BIG WIN!!!! Dwayne took home our Cadillac Jack Progressive In-House jackpot at $29,324.04 playing Gecko’s Wild!!

PM Fireball Winner!

Congratulations Pok on your PM Fireball win of $1241 PLUS your $500 bingo!!

Biggie Bonanza Winner!

Frieda bingo’d on the 52nd number on Biggie Bonanza, good for $3000! Congratulations Frieda!!