Recent Winners

4-Corner Jackpot Winner!

Congratulations Jeanette on your BIG WIN on the PM 4-corners for $23,996!! 

Big Smiles & Big Money!!

Kathy won $10,000 on the Biggie Bonanza in 49 numbers !! Congratulations Kathy!!  Kathy was 2 numbers away when she purchased her Biggie Bonanza 3-on!

What a Rumble!

Congratulations Cherie on your BIG WIN of $30714.47 playing Cadillac Jacks Rumble in the Jungle!!!

Lucky Card!!

Hit 5 went for $20,040 on this lucky card! Congratulations Winner!!

Billionaire Life

Lynette’s new favorite game is Billionaire Life! Congratulations on your $1314.75 WIN!!

Texas Blackout Winner

David bingo’d on the 45th number good for the Texas Blackout Jackpot of $9200! Congratulations David!!

$10,000 Zap Winner!

Congratulations on your $10,000 win on Everi’s Zap game Bounny!!!

CadillacJack Progressive In-House Jackpot Winner!!

Congratulations Dwayne on your BIG WIN!!!! Dwayne took home our Cadillac Jack Progressive In-House jackpot at $29,324.04 playing Gecko’s Wild!!

PM Fireball Winner!

Congratulations Pok on your PM Fireball win of $1241 PLUS your $500 bingo!!

Biggie Bonanza Winner!

Frieda bingo’d on the 52nd number on Biggie Bonanza, good for $3000! Congratulations Frieda!!

Seeing Triple Dollar Bills!

Congratulations Valarie on your $2250 win playing Triple Dollar Express!

Rumble in the Jungle Winner!

Tiffany was all smiles when she won $1277 on Rumble in the Jungle! Congratulations Tiffany!!

Just Ducky Winner!

Congratulations Stanley on your Just Ducky win of $1200!!

Amazing 4-Corner Jackpot Winner!

First ball out was O-64, then there was B-3, then O-68…the anticipation was building amongst the crowd! Chan called out the next number B-6 and paused for all to check their papers. Juanita yelled bingo louder than she had ever done in her entire life! She couldn’t believe it at first and finally it dawned on her…


BIG WINNER! Congratulations Staci on hitting $29,526.82 on our Cadillac Jack in-house Progressive Jackpot!

All Smiles for this winner!

Richard is all smiles after his BIG WIN on Cadillac Jacks Daji Dali! Congratulations Richard!

Festival of Gems winner!

Michelle was ready to start the festivities when she hit $4000 on Festival of Gems! Congratulations Michelle!

Seeing Double!!

Luana thought she was seeing double when she hit a jackpot twice totaling $3568! Congratulations Luana!

Dragons are a girls best friend!

Congratulations on your $9227 win Jennifer!!

Brent found his lucky charm at BJ’s Bingo & Gaming

Bent felt the luck from Cadillac Jacks Lucky Charm when he hit for $1749!