Security Spotlight – March

Vol II Issue I

In this months Security Spotlight, we wanted to spotlight Diana McCain.

Diana has been coming to BJ’s Bingo and Gaming in Fife, WA for the last 24 years! Diana gets off in the early mornings from one of the local Wal-Marts and hops on the bus every morning to see us.

Diana says she loves to come to BJ’s Because the staff is so warm and friendly.  Diana says she always feels safe when coming here and appreciates how clean the building is. When Diana arrives, she always makes sure to grab some breakfast at Mr. Ray’s as well.

We asked Diana if there anything we can improve upon?  Diana said, Her only dislike is that we tend to hold our slot room promo events in the afternoons, that she wishes we would hold more in the morning time.  Diana did emphasize that she loves the new remodel and upgrades to the building and can’t wait until Jane’s opens.

Thank you, Diana, we are always working to make memorable gaming and dining experiences for all our guest.

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