Security Spotlight – May

Vol II Issue III

In this months Security Spotlight, We wanted to Spotlight Eugene Sullivan.

Eugene is a regular Slot and Bingo player, who originates from the Peach state of Georgia, but

makes his way into BJ’s Bingo and Gaming in Fife, WA

From Tacoma, WA where he now lives on the hill by the hospital with his wife.

Eugene said he comes to BJ’s simply because he loves to WIN!

Eugene is an avid gambler and enjoys his days playing here at BJ’s Bingo in Fife, WA

Because Eugene gets to play all his favorite games.

We asked if there is anything we can do to improve Eugenes experience?

He stated that he loves BJ’s, and he can’t think of any way to improve the place.

We thank you for your kind words, Eugene.  You keep playing and we’ll keep working to provide you with

memorable gaming and dining experiences here at BJ’s Bingo and Gaming.

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